Parere scientifico sulla rivalutazione del gallato di dodecile (E 312) come additivo alimentare

The EFSA ANS Panel was asked to deliver a scientific opinion re-evaluating dodecyl gallate (E 312) as a food additive. The Panel considered that whilst from theoretical considerations dodecyl gallate could be metabolised to dodecyl alcohol and gallic acid, there were insufficient data to demonstrate the rate and extent of dodecyl gallate metabolism in vivo. The Panel concluded that the available metabolism data on gallates were insufficient to provide a basis for the read-across of systemic toxicity data on propyl, octyl and dodecyl gallate to be valid. The Panel noted the absence of concern for genotoxicity and the lack of increase of tumours in the long-term study. However, the Panel could not reach a definitive conclusion on the presence or absence of a carcinogenic potential of dodecyl gallate. The Panel was unable to identify any NOAEL. Overall, the available database was too limited to either establish an ADI or serve as a basis for a margin of safety approach to be applied with confidence. The Panel concluded that although there was unlikely to be a safety concern from the single use for which usage and analytical data were provided, an adequate assessment of the safety of dodecyl gallate as a food additive would require a sufficient toxicological database in line with its current guidance for submission for food additives evaluations.

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mer 13 maggio 2015
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