EBM Guidelines available in ebook

A large series of ebook published by SICS is now available in library.

The e-book EBM Collection idea was born recognizing the need for doctors to access EBM information at office when the patient presents his case, but also to revise one particular disease at another time. By the side of patients, the need is to be aware of different aspects of diseases. For students in health disciplines, the collection represents a schematic way to organize information and to explore in a evidence-based way the great world of medicine. 

Despite the extensiveness of the contents, the individual guidelines are concise and easy to read as they have been specifically structured for a multi-devices consultation. 

The e-book EBM Collection is published by SICS srl (Italy), contents are provided by Duodecim Medical Publications, Ltd (Finland) and are accredited by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence- NICE (United Kingdom). 

All EBM Guidelines are included in MediDSS, the clinical decision support that returns a customized set of links based on a patient’s diagnostic record.

MediDSS provides reminders and prompt alerts and recommendations on pathologies, diagnosis and therapies on demand.

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